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We’re a finalist for the Best For Mothers category in the Working Families Awards! ⠀

We’re starting to think we should we get a trophy cabinet for the office!…

M&Y prides itself on making motherhood work, offering our team flexible and remote working to combat the life balance that parenting throws our way, so we’re over the moon to be nominated.

Flexible and remote working can make the difference between a parent returning to work or not after starting a family. Many of our mums at M&Y do the school or nursery run before or after work, and the ability to do so not only makes life easier, but it means we get to spend more time with our kids, and that’s what being a parent is all about, right? Happy mums makes a happy team, and a happy team achieves more!

We’re really glad to have been recognised for this type of work, and even happier that more and more employers are adopting it.

Does your work offer family-friendly working? Let us know your experience of it over on Instagram or Facebook.

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