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World Breastfeeding Week 2023

As a team of over 20 mums, we’ve all had different feeding journeys.

Whether we breastfed for one day, what felt like 1000 days or none at all, the key thing we can all agree on is that mums need support during this stage in their motherhood journey.

This year’s theme is: “Enabling breastfeeding: making a difference for working parents.

All the mums of Mum & You that breastfed have been lucky that our workplace is already about parenting and mums so we’ve had no problems regarding it. But we know not everyone is as lucky as us…

This Breastfeeding week we want to let you know that support is out there if you need it, and that support may come in many different and unsuspecting forms…

If you find yourself in need of some advice, a listening ear or just want to put your mind at ease, there are some fantastic resources out there to help you. Find our suggestions below, to name only a few!

  1.  NHS England Breastfeeding Help & Support
  2. Twinstrust Breastfeeding Support for Twins, Triplets & More!
  3. World Breastfeeding Week Organisation
  4. The Breastfeeding Network

Our own Marketing Manager Rachel, who found herself juggling working from home and breastfeeding her little one, whilst also looking after her two toddler twins! Talk about supermum.

Do you have any advice or resources that helped you through your breastfeeding journey? Please share them with us – we love to hear from you!

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