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Beth’s story

My name is Beth and I am mum to 28 month old Tommy. Tommy has worn Mum & You nappies since the day he was born… never any other nappies – we love your brand!! 🙂

Alongside being a full time mum, I am also a student at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, currently in my final year of studies to become a Nutritionist. When we first went into lockdown it meant I wasn’t able to receive any help with childcare, so I had to pause my studies completely. Lectures and clinics all went online of course, and this really affected my confidence as I believe it’s important to have an identity that’s ‘you’ as well as just being ‘mum’ (as much as I love being a mum – Tommy is actually an IVF miracle baby!). 

Days blurred into weeks as I struggled to find ways to entertain Tommy and battled with him not to watch another episode of Hey Duggee! Life has been more than challenging trying to adapt to ‘the new normal’ but once I could have childcare back I slowly started to chip away at my coursework again and managed to complete my exams too.

It is so hard trying to keep things fresh and new for Tommy when life feels so restricted at the moment but it’s made me think outside the box more and we are making our own fun, making sure we laugh, dance and sing every day.

I am now finally almost qualified in my studies hoping to graduate and start my business within the next couple of months 🙂 

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