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Nancy’s story

We’ve had an incredible year, I’m homeschooling 3 children (4, 5 and 10), my husband works away and currently is having to isolate at his father’s house because he has covid. I’ll have done a 5 week stretch if he’s able to get home next week. Within this year I have completed 2 courses and totally changed my career! I’m a hair dresser in one of the most beautiful salons in town. My life is manic between homeschooling, zoom dance school, being furloughed. My kids have been amazing. It looks like we are about to celebrate a second lot of birthdays in lockdown. This year has had incredible highs (one of my favourite being a donkey visit on Christmas Eve) to lows as I suffered a DVT in November and so much more in-between. I have an positive outlook on everything, something my daughter has to

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