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How do you care for your derriere?

We’ll just come out and say it. Our bottoms are neglected. We don’t treat them with the sensitive kindness that they deserve, nor do we appreciate the hard work our bums put in for us every day when we’re sat at our uncomfortable office desks or lounging on the sofa.

We don’t blame you for not thinking about your bottom enough. It’s not something we care to consider when there are many more pressing issues at hand. We especially don’t pay much thought to the way we wipe or how efficient toilet paper is. But we do wonder, does abrasive, dry toilet paper really do the trick?

A recent debate on a parenting forum has initiated conversations about how we clean ourselves after a trip to the bathroom. The original post prompted the question: “Am I being unreasonable to think there’s no way you can wipe your bum clean?.”

The OP explains that she was born into a mixed-race family, with a mother from the Middle East and had been taught to use water to wash her ‘downstairs’ after going to the toilet.

“I was always taught to wash my downstairs with water after no 1s and 2s. We have a built-in mini showerhead thing to just spray our bums clean and before that, we used to have a jug sort of thing.

I’ve always wondered, do you genuinely think your bum is clean if you only wipe?”

The internet seems divided. Some commenters say that loo roll will do the trick until their next shower, with one commenter sharing “I use loo roll and I wouldn’t say my [bottom] is surgically clean, no. But it’s clean enough. It’s usually covered by at least two layers of clothing, I almost entirely use it for sitting on rather than as a food preparation surface, so it’s not something I lose sleep over.”

Other uses claim to use moist toilet tissues for a more thorough clean, with one user commenting “It’s not about being germ-free, it’s about cleanliness. I do the same with a bidet or jug and would use a plastic water bottle or similar when out. I do carry toilet wipes when out for my children as well or at a push will wet toilet paper and use it to wipe. Always wonder about this too, wiping is not adequate to clean.” Another user stated “We use wet toilet paper wipes in conjunction with normal loo roll. No smelly bums here!”.

Some commenters share that they keep a jug of water at hand or a built-in bidet for a quick spritz, with one user sharing their very efficient bathroom routine: “I have an electronic in-toilet bidet. It washes with warm water, front and back, and then dries with warm air. No paper required.”


It seems as though quite a few people use devices such as hoses attached by the toilet too. You may have noticed on your trips abroad that many southern European countries favour a bidet. So why are they not all the rage here in the UK?

“Perhaps we’re still too embarrassed to embrace this vital bit of bathroom equipment. Or to talk about washing our bottoms” said Michele Hanson in her 2017 Guardian article titled Why won’t​ ​prudish Brits​ ​recognise the bidet’s brilliance?

But there is another way!

If a bidet or jug of water sounds like a bit too much work that you simply cannot commit to, why don’t you give moist toilet tissues a try? They are effective at removing bacteria and ensuring you feel as fresh as a daisy with a single wipe.

Floosh! wipes are the latest addition to our growing Mum & You range. They are moist toilet tissues designed for use in the bathroom instead of toilet paper to ensure a thorough, gentle clean for your most sensitive bits.They are efficient and convenient for all the family and best of all they can be flushed!

  • Ensures a thorough clean whilst eliminating bacteria with a single wipe
  • Gentle and moist formulation for your most sensitive areas
  • Toddler & child friendly
  • 99.4% water and dermatologically proven to be suitable for sensitive, eczema-prone skin
  • 100% flushable. Certified “Fine to Flush” by Water UK

1 sheet is usually enough per toilet trip and we would recommend flushing one wipe at a time to ensure of best disposal.

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

How do you care for your derriere? Do you find toilet roll to be sufficient, or do you need something more up to the job? Let us know in the comments and make the switch to a cleaner, fresher you today!

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