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Rosie’s story

Hello. I’d like to share my story as a Mother. I have two lovely children, Pietro who is 3 years old and Lucia who is 1 year old. They say “It takes a village to raise a child.” and how more difficult it is raising two when the village is on lockdown. We cannot visit family, friends and grandparents who are vulnerable, the schools are close, and going out is a risk.

The last year has been very challenging to me. Pietro was diagnosed with Autism just after his 3rd birthday. He started school last Sept and has improved his social skills since then but because of the lockdown I am home schooling him. I fully understand the situation and I’d rather our family be healthy and safe so what I do is I educate myself and learn more about Autism while the two kids are running around playing. Most of the time, I quit the reading and just be with them and play with them – which I think is best and trust my instinct with Pietro’s needs. It is hard to make sure that not one of them will set the house on fire especially Lucia who is such an explorer. Hahaha! I’ve yet to come to terms with Pietro’s diagnosis that I decided to only tell our family about it.

What is extremely difficult is to care of myself… Mothers like me, like us -  who cares for the carers? Who supports us especially this time of Covid-19 lockdowns? We do get moral and emotional support from social media or through video calls but we don’t get enough physical help. Don’t get me wrong, my husband helps but he does after working hours and most of the time, the two kids prefer Mama… Mama, Mama, Mama. So by the end of the day, I have little or no time for myself because I’ll be too tired to do anything. I am not complaining, I am saying it is tough but worth it. Pietro and Lucia- my source of insanity and joy.  

Rosie x  

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