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Sian’s story

Sian’s positive birth story…

I’m Sian, I’m 35 and I have two children: Bobby who is 3 and Demi who is 6 months. The past year has been interesting to say the least and I cannot say that it has been awful because we welcomed our gorgeous girl into the world. I had a very straight forward labour with both my children but I wasn’t able to have Demi in a birth centre like I had Bobby due to covid and staffing/ambulance restrictions. However, this did not affect the peaceful, calm and fully supported birth I had. Dare I confess that the midwives on the birth ward broke the rules and allowed my husband to stay over night with me and our daughter…dare I say they set up the room for us with artificial candles and made the whole experience wonderful! I don’t think enough positive birth stories are shared, to be honest. Everyone loves to share a horror story but now, with mums to be worried about being alone etc, I think it’s important they know it can be okay. It can be peaceful x

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